"Our relationship was first established based on a deep understanding of our market and the evolution of our business as a division of Fujitsu, when Needham advised the Fujitsu Americas Board on how to restructure and carve-out Softek out for growth. With Needham’s understanding of our business we expanded the relationship with Needham Capital Partners and Oliver Gratry, who supported Softek’s buy-out equity financing during a competitive and accelerated buy-out process. Mr.Gratry served on our board offering industry contacts, recruiting targets, and business development insight. Through-out Softek’s growth years we were able to leverage the operational experience of the Needham’s Limited Partners network, like Gene White, who supported the early formation of the carved out company and established a best practice governance model that served us very well during IBM’s rigorous due diligence. NCP served as Softek’s private equity partner dating from the dot.com bubble days through 2007 when we were acquired by IBM."

Steven Murphy
Former President & CEO
Softek Storage Solutions


What distinguishes NCP from many other equity firms is our Limited Partners

Needham Capital Partners (NCP) manages funds that invest primarily in the equities of private growth companies. Focusing entirely on long-term capital appreciation, NCP seeks to partner with outstanding management teams as they attempt to build successful companies. We concentrate our investments in growth industries, where our individual Limited Partners, General Partners, and the professionals at our affiliate, Needham & Company, LLC, have significant expertise.

Because of the depth of our resources, NCP is able to add value beyond our invested capital, making us a preferred partner in our selected industries. Funding comes primarily from the General Partners, our affiliates, and our Limited Partners, who are primarily the founders, current or retired chief executives, and senior management of leading companies in the technology and biotech/life-sciences industries.

NCP is affiliated with Needham Asset Management, LLC, which manages close to $750 million in funds for public and private equity investment. Our most recent fund is Needham Capital Partners III (NCP III), which closed in early 2001. Following two highly successful prior funds—NCP (formed in 1994) and NCP II (formed in 1998)—NCP III raised $240 million in capital from its Limited Partners.

What distinguishes NCP from many other equity groups is our Limited Partners. Because many of them have founded and built major companies themselves, they understand the difficulty, time commitment, and level of effort required to grow a solid and long-lasting business. As a result, the management teams of our portfolio companies benefit from their experience, relationships, and active involvement, which includes:

  • Serving on the board of directors
  • Providing market intelligence
  • Making introductions to potential customers and corporate partners
  • Recruiting key employees
  • Collaborating on strategy development and implementation

Furthermore, the patience of our investor base allows NCP to take a long-term view of our portfolio, without the pressure to produce immediate cash returns. This lets us implement a partnership model that leverages the resources of a smaller growth company with key vendors, customers, and affiliates to speed growth and improve competitive position.

NCP understands what it takes to be a successful public company. Those of our portfolio companies preparing to go public are therefore able to leverage our extensive knowledge of the equity markets and receive timely, objective financing advice. We approach the public offering process with the understanding that an IPO is not the end goal. Instead, it is just the first step towards achieving your long-term business objectives.

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