Needham Asset Management

NCP is affiliated with Needham Asset Management, LLC, which currently manages close to $750 million in public and private equity investments. With an emphasis on tax efficient capital appreciation and preservation, Needham Asset Management, LLC seeks above-average growth at value prices in varying styles of market capitalization and rate of growth targets.

Needham Asset Management, LLC’s mutual and hedge funds have consistently produced above-average returns in both bull and bear markets. For example, our flagship fund, the Needham Emerging Growth Partners, L.P., has had a compounded annual growth rate of greater than 15% since its 1992 inception.

Needham Mutual Funds

Needham Private Equity

  • Needham Capital Partners, L.P.
  • Needham Capital Partners II, L.P. and Needham Capital International, Ltd.
  • Needham Capital Partners III, L.P. and Needham Capital International III, Ltd.

Needham Hedge Funds

  • Needham Emerging Growth Partners, L.P.
  • Needham Contrarian Fund, L.P.
  • Needham Contrarian (QP) Fund, L.P.

Needham & Company, LLC

NCP is also affiliated with Needham & Company, LLC, a leading investment banking, securities, and asset management firm. With a focus on serving growth companies and their investors, Needham & Company, LLC is actively engaged in the public and private capital markets, with an extensive track record of executing complex transactions, including initial and follow-on public offerings, joint ventures, strategic alliances, private placements, and mergers and acquisitions.


NCP works closely with the equity research and corporate finance professionals at Needham & Company, LLC, enabling us to give our portfolio companies an informed and unbiased perspective on the capital markets. These professionals have access to many senior executives at key suppliers, prospective customers, and business partners in the industries they follow, providing them with a constant flow of information and intelligence.


Acting as a fiduciary on behalf of its Limited Partners, NCP puts the best interests of its portfolio companies first. Information is held in the strictest confidence and is not shared with others, including Needham & Company, LLC, without their explicit permission. Each company also makes their own decisions regarding investment banking services and is under no obligation or pressure to engage with Needham & Company, LLC.

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