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  • Agile Software
    Redwood Shores, CA

    Develops and markets collaborative manufacturing commerce solutions that speed the build and buy process across the virtual manufacturing network. The company went public in 1999 and has since been acquired by Oracle, the world's largest business software company.

    06/03/1998 - Software & Services, NCP II
  • Alacritech, Inc.
    San Jose, CA

    Provides accelerator solutions that enable fast and efficient servers and storage systems.

    12/14/2001 - Hardware & Storage, NCP III
  • Athena Semiconductors, Inc.
    Fremont, CA

    A fabless IC company specializing in CMOS radio transceiver IC products addressing rapidly growing wireless broadband communications and convergence markets.

    12/14/2004 - Semiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment, NCP III
  • Atherotech, Inc
    Birmingham, AL

    Privately held cardio-diagnostic company focusing on direct measurement of the comprehensive lipid profile using the company's VAP (Vertical Auto Profile) Technology.

    02/23/1999 - Healthcare, NCP II
  • August Technology Corporation
    Bloomington, MN

    August Technology Corporation designs, manufactures and markets automated inspection equipment for the semiconductor industry. The company went public in 2000 and merged with Rudolph Technology in 2006.

    08/06/1999 - Semiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment, NCP II
  • Bay MicroSystems
    San Jose, CA

    Designs and markets high-performance communications processors. The company is currently private.

    12/27/1999 - Semiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment, NCP II
  • Biocept, Inc.
    San Diego, CA

    Develops and commercializes next-generation microarrays for genomics and proteomics. Its first products focus on prenatal diagnostic testing.

    12/03/2004 - Healthcare, NCP III
  • Blue Pumpkin Software Inc./Witness Systems
    Sunnyvale, CA

    Provides work-force optimization software for the strategic planning and management of contact center personnel. The company was acquired by Witness Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: WITS)

    07/17/2001 - Software & Services, NCP III
  • Boxer Cross
    Santa Clara, CA

    Designs, manufactures, and markets leading-edge in-line metrology tools for the semiconductor industry. The Company was acquired by Applied Materials (AMAT) in April 2003.

    01/21/2000 - Semiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment, NCP II
  • Capital SLI Group LLC
    Indianapolis, IN

    A full-service insurance and financial services company

    06/06/2005 - Software & Services, NCP III
  • CenterRun, Inc.
    Redwood City, CA

    Provides productivity applications for the enterprise data center.

    04/19/2002 - Software & Services, NCP III
  • Ceon Corporation/Convergys Corporation
    Redwood City, CA

    Designs and develops operation support systems (OSS) for the telecommunications industry. The company was acquired by Convergys Corporation (NYSE: CVG) on October 6, 2008. Convergys is a global leader in relationship management.

    06/22/2000 - Hardware & Storage, NCP II
  • Ceradyne, Inc.
    Costa Mesa, CA

    Leader in advanced technical ceramics that are suitable for a number of high-end applications, including the ceramic armored vests used by our soldiers and reporters in Iraq.

    01/16/2003 - Industrial & Diversified Growth, NCP II, NCP III
  • Chip X Corp (Chip Express)
    Santa Clara, CA

    Manufactures fast-turn prototypes and production of ASICs. The company is currently private.

    06/20/2002 - Semiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment, NCP II
  • Clarity Visual Systems, Inc./Planar Systems
    Beaverton, OR

    Develops network-enabled display systems for retail signage and data visualization applications. Clarity Visual Systems was acquired by Planar Systems in September 2006. Planar went public in 1993.

    09/20/2000 - Business Services, NCP II
  • Collectors Universe
    Newport Beach, CA

    Provides authentication services on coins, memorabilia, stamps, and other collectibles. The Company went public in 1999.

    03/31/1999 - Consumer, NCP II
  • College Enterprises, Inc./Blackboard
    Washington DC

    Blackboard, Inc. was acquired through an investment in College Enterprises, Inc. (CEI), which is a holding company that owns 9.6% of Blackboard. On June 17, 2004, Blackboard went public in an IPO priced at $14.00 per share.

    04/08/1998 - Consumer, NCP II
  • Color Kinetics, Inc.
    Burlington, MA

    Designs, manufactures and markets LED systems for use in professional lighting, consumer, and OEM & licensing applications. The company went public on June 21, 2004.

    12/19/2003 - Semiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment, NCP III
  • Coventor
    Cary, NC

    Develops and markets EDA software, components, and professional services to the MEMS industry. The company is currently private.

    03/08/2000 - Software & Services, NCP II, NCP III
  • CoWare
    San Jose, CA

    Develops system-on-a-chip EDA software for the semiconductor industry. The company is currently private.

    05/05/1999 - Software & Services, NCP II
  • diCarta, Inc./Emptoris
    Burlington, MA

    Designs and markets enterprise contract management solutions.

    06/14/2002 - Software & Services, NCP III
  • Displaytech, Inc.
    Longmont, CO

    High resolution miniature displays for projection and magnified-view applications.

    05/20/2005 - Semiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment, NCP III
  • ePartners, Inc.
    Irving, TX

    Installs and supports Microsoft-based software for middle-market companies, providing end-user training, annual systems reviews, call center support, on-site support, and technology updates, among other services.

    08/17/2005 - Business Services, NCP III
  • Fatbrain.com/barnesandnoble.com
    Santa Clara, CA

    Supplies online computer manuals, training texts and books to technical professionals. The company went public in 1998 and was acquired by Barnesandnoble.com (BNBN) in 2000.

    01/15/1998 - Consumer, NCP II
  • Favrille, Inc.
    Palo Alto, CA

    Engaged in the research, development, and commercialization of targeted immunotherapies for the treatment of cancer and other diseases of the immune system. Favrille began trading on February 2, 2005. As of January 28, 2009 the company is known as MMR Information Systems, Inc.

    04/05/2004 - Healthcare, NCP III
  • Hot Rail/Conexant/Skyworks
    Newport Beach, CA

    A fabless semiconductor company that designs and markets scalable logic solutions for multiprocessing that address the performance bottlenecks associated with computer and dataflow intensive applications. The company was acquired by Conexant Systems, Inc. in 2000.

    11/01/1999 - Semiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment, NCP II
  • Innovion, Inc.
    San Jose, CA

    Provides ion implant services to leading semiconductor manufacturers.

    03/30/2001 - Semiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment, NCP II
  • Kanisa, Inc./Knova
    Cupertino, CA

    In March 2005, Knova launched its new identity, following the merger of ServiceWare Technologies, a respected industry veteran in Knowledge Management for customer support, and Kanisa, the technology pioneer of Service Resolution Management. NCP III invested a total of $8.8M in Kanisa.

    08/27/2003 - Software & Services, NCP III
  • Lara Networks, Inc.
    San Jose, CA

    Provides broadband switching products and network application processors. The company was acquired by Cypress Semiconductor, Inc. in 2001.

    08/01/2000 - Hardware & Storage, NCP II
  • Loadstar Sensors, Inc.
    Fremont, CA

    Designs and manufactures capacitive sensors for automotive, aerospace, medical device and industrial applications.

    12/20/2006 - Industrial & Diversified Growth, NCP III
  • Logic Vision
    San Jose, CA

    Supplies embedded system-on-a-chip test solutions called built-in-self-test (BIST) to the semiconductor industry. The company went public in October 2001.

    01/28/2000 - Software & Services, NCP II
  • Nascentric Inc.
    Austin, TX

    Develops and markets software to electrically analyze CMOS integrated circuit designs.

    02/27/2004 - Semiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment, NCP II
  • Neophotonics Corp.
    San Jose, CA

    Manufactures optical components for every network market segment: FTTH/access, datacom, storage area networks, metro and long haul networks.

    05/30/2006 - Hardware & Storage, NCP III
  • Nextest Inc./Teradyne
    San Jose, CA

    Develops and produces automatic test equipment for high-performance logic and memory devices for the semiconductor industry.

    11/27/2001 - Semiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment, NCP III
  • Obsidian/Applied Materials
    Santa Clara, CA

    Obsidian develops a fixed-abrasive, slurry-free Chemical Mechanical Polishing technology. Applied Materials, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMAT) is a Fortune 500 global growth company and the world's largest supplier of wafer fabrication systems and services to the global semiconductor industry.

    04/10/1998 - Semiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment, NCP II
  • Peregrine Semiconductor Corp.
    San Diego, CA

    Designs and manufactures high-performance integrated circuits based on its patented commercial Ultra Thin Silicon (UTSi) CMOS process technology. The company is currently private.

    12/21/2000 - Semiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment, NCP II
  • Persistence Software, Inc.
    San Mateo, CA

    Provides application server software products that reduce inefficiencies in query-intensive applications and enable the efficient management of distributed data in large enterprises. Progress Software, Inc. acquired the company in September 2004.

    11/26/2002 - Software & Services, NCP III
  • Pharsight Corporation
    Mountain View, CA

    Develops and markets information technology for managing the scientific aspects of the clinical phase of the pharmaceutical development process. The company went public in 2000.

    10/28/1998 - Healthcare, NCP II
  • Rebar

    Distributes integrated personal computer business software and technology services to major corporations. The company was acquired by Level 3 Communications, Inc. (LVLT) in 2002.

    09/05/2001 - Business Services, NCP II
  • Sensis Corporation
    Syracuse, NY

    A global provider of air defense, air traffic control, airline and airport operations management, and data integration and distribution.

    07/20/2007 - Communications, NCP III
  • Silicon Metrics
    Austin, TX

    Develops EDA software products that accurately model the electrical behavior of silicon intellectual property for the semiconductor industry. The company was acquired by Magma Design Automation, Inc. (LAVA) in 2003.

    07/21/2003 - Software & Services, NCP II
  • SOFTEK Storage Solutions, Inc.
    Sunnyvale, CA

    Develops software that reduces the risks, costs, and complexities of managing data storage in multi-vendor mainframe and open system environments.

    03/29/2004 - Software & Services, NCP III
  • Southwall Technologies, Inc.
    Palo Alto, CA

    Designs and produces thin-film coatings on plastic sheets that selectively absorb, reflect, or transmit heat and light.

    02/23/2004 - Industrial & Diversified Growth, NCP II, NCP III
  • SpaceClaim Corp.
    Concord, MA

    Targets the mechanical design market and provides breakthrough technology that enhances engineers' productivity by empowering them to contribute to, consume and share mechanical designs in a 3D digital form.

    05/24/2007 - Software & Services, NCP III
  • Stanford Microdevices, Inc./Sirenza
    Sunnyvale, CA

    A fabless semiconductor company that designs and markets gallium arsenide.

    10/05/1999 - Semiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment, NCP II
  • TestQuest Inc.
    East Minneapolis, MN

    Develops automated, nonintrusive product testing for embedded systems. The company's products replace labor-intensive manual testing in the general computing, hand held, industrial control and interactive television markets.

    08/06/2001 - Semiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment, NCP III
  • Trinity Convergence, Inc.
    Durham, NC

    Privately held company focused on developing comprehensive software solutions for the emerging VoIP and voice + video over IP (V2IP) communications equipment market.

    11/05/2007 - Software & Services, NCP III
  • ViewLogic Systems, Inc./Innoveda
    Marlboro, MA

    Develops and markets EDA software for FPGA printed circuit boards and systems designs. The company was acquired in a management buyout from Synopsys, Inc. in 1998 and merged with Summit Designs, Inc. (SMMT) to form Innoveda.

    10/02/1998 - Software & Services, NCP II
  • Wind River Systems, Inc./Rapid Logic
    Alameda, CA

    Rapid Logic, Inc. was acquired by Wind River Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:WIND) on October 6, 2000. Rapid Logic is a provider of intelligent device management software that enables manufacturers of network devices to incorporate remote management capabilities into their products via the Internet. Wind River is a worldwide leader in embedded software. The acquisition valued Rapid Logic at approximately $58.4 million.

    04/28/1999 - Hardware & Storage, NCP II

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