"Needham Capital Partners are just that....partners. Their money is patient, their commitment to long term value creation is genuine, and they partner extremely well with management teams."

Larry Harris
CFO - Sensis Corporation


NCP manages funds that primarily invest in the equities of private growth companies

Alternative investments, such as private investment partnerships (hedge funds and private equity), have seen explosive growth in recent years, as more and more financial advisors recommend these vehicles to their clients for portfolio diversification. Unfortunately, many of these unseasoned funds and practitioners have relied on risky strategies and are not truly hedged.

NCP’s successful fund management philosophy has not changed in the 20 years since we began a formalized group of funds. Needham Capital Partners (NCP) manages funds that primarily invest in the equities of private growth companies. We look to partner with outstanding management teams and help them build their companies and achieve their objectives. Our focus is entirely on long-term equity capital appreciation. We concentrate our investment activity in growth industries in which our individual Limited Partners, our General Partners and the professionals at our affiliate, Needham & Company, LLC, have experience and expertise.

The resources of our Limited Partners and Needham & Company enable us to add value beyond our invested capital and make NCP a preferred partner in our selected industries. The funds in our partnerships come from the General Partners, our affiliates and our Limited Partners, who are primarily the founders, current or retired chief executives and senior management of leading companies in the technology and life-sciences industries.

NCP’s competitive advantages encompass four key characteristics:

  • Patience.
    NCP understands that good companies take time to build, which is often a contrarian view to prevailing wisdom.
  • Leadership.
    The most critical component of a company's long-term success, and ultimately the performance of its stock, is the quality of its management team. We therefore spend considerable time and energy to understand the experience, ethics, and track record of the leadership before we decide to invest.
  • Due Diligence.
    When considering adding a company to our portfolio, NCP is able to tap into a network of hundreds of successful entrepreneurs, many of whom are former clients and have extensive knowledge of the industries, companies, and management teams of our potential investments. We also have access to the research analysts of our affiliate investment banking firm, Needham & Company, LLC, who are focused solely on growth sectors within our core industries.
  • Experience.
    NCP has lived through countless market cycles and fads. We understand that while markets are sometimes inefficient in the short term, eventually value will be recognized.
Investment Strategy